Decent One Max Electric Scooter



Decent deliver a quality experience for an affordable price. The scooters include front and rear mudguards, mechanical brakes, lights, a bell, soft footplate and hand grips, sticky tyres, a thumb throttle and a bright LED display showing speed, mode and battery capacity. The IP54 rating makes them suitable for year-round use. At only 13kg, the Decent One is lighter than many competitor scooters. It can be folded down in seconds, carried in one hand and is compact enough to be stowed under a train seat, or in the boot of a small car.

Removable Battery
The battery of the Decent One series can be removed and replaced in seconds without
the use of any tools. These light and inexpensive batteries can be charged inside or
outside of the scooter in under 3 hours. With a drop-in fitting and multiple capacities available, the range is only limited to how many the rider can carry.


Top Speed -  30 kph / 18.6 mph

Charging Time -  5-6 hours

Weight -  Approx 15 kgs

Range -  32 km / 20 miles 

Power Rating -  350 w

Suspension -  No

Maximum rider weight  -  100kgs

Removeable Battery - Can be charged seperately