E-TWOW Booster Plus Scooter

£529.99 £594.99


The E-TWOW Booster Plus electric scooter has the easy to ride design that E-TWOW are known for across the world.  The Booster Plus is light weight at 10.8kg, with a top speed 22.4 mph (36km/h) and range of up to 24.8 miles (40km), the Booster Plus is amazing value for money.

It features the Formula 1 KERS technology which reduces energy consumption and increases the scooters autonomy by up to 40% by simply pressing the magnetic brake.

The patented polyurethane airless tyres are coated with rubber composite and outfitted with improved treads for better traction on wet surfaces.

E-Twow also incorporate front and rear shock absorbers which make city riding really comfortable.

The Booster Plus can be folded and packed away in seconds and its light weight means that it can be carried with ease. The Booster Plus electric scooter is also now equipped with a brightened full colour LED display that shows all of the scooters important functions including speed, mileage, trip distance, battery life and also controls the headlight. 


Warranty Info  

Comes with a 2 Year warranty. 

Who is the warranty provider? 

All warranty repairs are covered by the manufactures warranty and handled by PET.

How can I claim on the Warranty? 

 Please contact info@electrictravels.co.uk

Manufacture warranty statement