InMotion L8D Electric Scooter




The L8D is a fantastic folding electric scooter from InMotion. The powerful 250w motor can push the electric scooter to a top speed of 28km/h and taken on hills up to 15° in slope. Fitted with a large 8700mAh battery, the InMotion L8D electric scooter has a max range of 18 miles and takes just 5 hours to charge.

Simple to use, there are no power buttons, simply hop on and kick-push off to power up. With a pneumatic tyre at the rear and suspension at the front, the InMotion L8D delivers a nice ride. It's tron-style customisable LED lighting makes for some head-turning, futuristic looks.

Thanks to an efficient design, the handles can be folded inwards towards the scooter body, minimising the size of the electric scooter and saving space. InMotion have designed two optional auxiliary wheels that can be fitted under the deck, allowing the 12kg electric scooter to be dollied around like a suitcase.

Personalise your InMotion E-Scooter L8D with the Smart App and choose from a variety of colourful lights with the front lamps supporting many types of colour combinations.

  • Warning rear brake lights to alert those around you
  • Front wheel suspension and shock absorption enable you to ride on roads of any conditions
  • 36V 250W motor provides continuous, stable, and powerful output and brings you comfortable and gentle riding experience.
  • Electronic front and rear brake and physical rear brake systems for efficient braking and quick response, reassuring you of riding safety.
  • No power switch, the InMotion L8D electric scooter starts up when pushed to over 3km/h
  • Connect your scooter to your smartphone via Bluetooth with the smartphone App. You can monitor riding speed, remaining power and more.
  • 3 second manual power down (hold both the levers down) and automatic power down after no activity for 30 seconds. 

In the box

  • InMotion L8D Electric Scooter
  • Inflation adapter
  • Dolly wheels including bolts and allen wrench
  • AC Charger
  • Instruction manual


Warranty Info  

The InMotion L8D electric scooter comes with a 1 Year warranty. ( 6 months on the battery)

Who is the warranty provider? 

All warranty repairs are covered by the manufactures warranty and handled by Modus Brands.

How can I claim on the Warranty? 

 Please contact

Manufacture warranty statement