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 Exciting news! The UK Government plans to legislate forms of micro mobility, which will enable safer use of e-transport for the general public. This focus is paramount not only for safety, but moving forward to explore cleaner modes of transport.

In the house of lords, the baroness mentioned:  "It is our intention that this bill will create a low speed, zero emission category. That is independent from the cycle and motor vehicle categories"..."We hope that e-scooters will be the first of these vehicles."

What is the current UK law on e-scooters?

Are electric scooters legal in the UK?
The short answer is yes. You can legally own an electric scooter in the UK. That said, there are restrictions for privately owned electric scooters. 
What are the current rules in place for electric scooter users?
Privately owned electric scooters are not permitted on public roads, highways or pavements. Acceptable use of privately owned e-scooters is on private land, with the owners permission. However, the Government recently announced plans to legalise electric scooters in the near future. The Electric Travels team will continue to update this page with all things regarding e-scooters and the journey to their legalisation, so keep checking here for the latest on this. 
When will privately owned electric scooters be legal on UK roads?
The timeframe is unclear and there is still a long way to go, but it is encouraging to observe the UK Governments active approach in establishing clear regulations, which will ensure safe use of electric scooters on public roads. 

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