Electric Scooters for adults above 100kg

Jonathan StantonMar 29, '21

Electric Travels have selected two Electric Scooters that suit adults above 100kg and both have a maximum rider weight of up to 150kg which is 23 stones. For added stability, large adults may want to consider the width of the deck, this is self-explanatory, bigger feet require a bigger deck. Most electric scooters are designed to be portable so can be quite narrow, look for scooters that have a bigger deck or are designed to take a rider weight of more than 100kg.

Electric Scooters

Jonathan StantonMar 22, '21

Want to get around without spending a fortune? Then consider buying an electric scooter. These delightful little machines are capable of hitting up to 15 mph (some even faster!) — and are the perfect way to go for an adventure. Whether you're commuting to work or school, or taking it out on the weekend, an electric scooter is a great way to experience the joys of getting around by yourself. Electric scooters are a relatively recent innovation in transportation that have quickly gained popularity. They’re affordable, environmentally friendly, and — most importantly — a ton of fun. If you’re thinking about buying one for yourself, you’ll want to read our complete guide to electric scooters. From how they work, to selecting a quality electric scooter, we’ll help you make an informed purchasing decision so you don’t waste your money.

UK Government support the legalisation of Electric Scooters. Electric Travels (ET) Blog Post 2.10.2020

Jonathan StantonOct 2, '20

The UK Government’s transport committee has today published a report to support the legal use of electric scooters (e-scooters) in the UK. Committee chair Huw Merriman said; ‘E-scooters have the potential to become an exciting and ingenious way to navigate our streets and get from place to place. . ....

Electric Travels Ltd (ET) focus on Xiaomi electric scooters 25/09/2020

Jonathan StantonSep 25, '20

As part of our regular product ‘deep dive’, this week we’re focusing on Xiaomi (pronounced Shao-mi). This electric scooter brand is well established and is currently the world’s best seller. The Chinese manufacturer is famous for it's consumer electronics such as smartphones, mobile apps and laptops so it's no surprise...