Micro mobility vs. Fuel: The future of Travel?

Electric TravelsMar 18, '22

Fuel is one of the largest expenses for car owners, aside from the obvious  insurance and maintenance costs.

The price of fuel frequently fluctuates and often causes concern with regards to it's convenience. 

For example, referring back to September 2021, consumers flocked to petrol stations amid the fuel crisis, which caused major disruptions nationwide. Where the majority of pumps were left dry, due to a lack of HGV drivers. 

Despite the shortages being resolved in a matter of weeks; this was and remains not the only concern surrounding fuel. Within the past year consumers have seen a drastic increase in the price of fuel. 

"In March 2022, the average cost of motor fuel was £1.60 per litre for ultra low sulphur unleaded petrol and £1.69 per litre for ultra low sulphur diesel. Owners of petrol cars paid 26.4% more at the pump in the March of 2022 than they did in January 2021 on average; diesel prices were up 28% over the same time period."

It is estimated that car owners spend approximately £1,272 a year to fuel a petrol car and £1,683 to fuel a diesel car, which is a significant portion of a typical household budget. 

Given the soaring prices and unreliability of the fuel market, it makes sense why many are looking to source alternative modes of transport.

Electric travel is a form of micro mobility, which in short refers to lightweight and small vehicles that run at speeds below 25km/h. Micro mobility offer consumers reliability, low costs, easy maintenance, quick charging and an assisted form of exercise, which is an effective way from getting from A to B hassle free. 

The upfront cost of electric transporters can seem a significant financial commitment at first glance. However, investigating this further it is apparent that these electric vehicles are initially costly due to their build's containing high-quality components, which in the long run will actually save the user money. 

From this, consider the additional costs that could be eradicated from using this mode of transport. Particularly as electric transporters do not require refuelling, tax, insurance - the list goes on. 

Although there are many benefits to switching to forms of micro mobility, it is crucial to note that the current UK legislation states that privately owned electric scooters are not legally permitted on public roads. On the other hand, the same rules do not apply to electric bikes and other electric transporters, which are legal for road use as long as the bike is inline with EAPC rules. 

Follow this link to the government website for further advice on EAPC rules: Electric bikes: licensing, tax and insurance - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Electric scooters and bikes typically stand the test of time, meaning consumers typically spend money on the upfront cost and then minimal amounts on annual maintenance here after. Comparatively to petrol and diesel vehicles, e-transport offers a major price reduction, especially when it comes to annual spending.

Attached below is a selection of electric scooters and bikes from our product range, with varying prices that indicate the annual savings that can be made when making the switch to electric.

1.) Our most affordable electric scooter the: ⁣Decent Electric Scooter X7 | Buy E-Scooters UK | electrictravels.co.uk | Electric Travels

Decent Electric Scooter X7. A cheap electric scooter for adults. Available online from Electric Travels, www.electrictravels.co.uk

 For only £289.99 the Decent X7 electric scooter offers: 

  • 5Ah replaceable battery (can upgrade to a 6.4Ah battery)
  • 10 inch tyres
  • Great off road use with a ground clearance of 12cm
  • Single 350W Motor 
  • LCD Display to show speed and remaining battery
  • Built in cruise control 
  • Front LED’s for night riding
  • Max Speed 25km/h
  • 10 miles range with standard battery
  • 15 miles range with upgraded battery
  • Man load of 150kg 

 2.) Save nearly £300 on The Urban - BRLN V2 Electric Scooter, a beast of a scooter that provides users with a comfortable and reliable riding experience, especially with the two year manufacturer warranty: ⁣The URBAN - BRLN V2 Scooter | Electric Travels

The Urban BRLN V2 Electric Scooter. Available online from Electric Travels, online retailer of the world's best electric scooters, bikes, clothing and accessories. Shop now for next day delivery on all adult electric scooters. www.electrictravels.co.uk

At £399.99 (originally £695), the Urban BRLN V2 electric scooter provides a powerful ride with: 

  • Top Speed -  25 kmh / 15.5 mph
  • 8 inch tyres
  • Charging Time -  6 Hours
  • Weight -  12 kg
  • Range -  20 km / 12.4 m
  • Power Rating -  560 w 
  • Maximum rider weight  - 100kg

3.) Finally another product worth mentioning, which is the perfect commuter companion, is the Wisper 806 Folding electric bike: 

The Wisper 806 Electric Bike, www.electrictravels.co.uk

The Wisper 806 folding electric bike is the perfect option for campers, caravaners, boating enthusiasts, commuters or for those with restricted storage space. With their very low step over height the Wisper 806 electric bike is also ideal for the rider smaller in stature, however the extensive adjustment range on the seat post and handlebar stem means the bike can easily be adjusted for the comfort of taller riders.

Tailor your own Wisper 806 folding electric bike, choosing your preferred battery, power delivery system and of course, colour. With many options to choose from, there’s an 806 folding electric bike for everyone.

To view more features click here: ⁣Wisper 806 Folding Electric Bike (Black) | Electric Travels

Finally, if you are unsure about committing to buying an electric scooter outright, but are interested in getting hands on experience before making the switch, then please visit the government website. An informative notice all about the electric scooter trials: E-scooter trials: guidance for users - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Overall it is evident that the use of fuel is not the most reliable source to power up our vehicles, and in order to ensure efficiency and to discover a cleaner mode of transport it may be worth making the switch to a form of micro mobility. Do you think that forms of micro mobility could be the future of transport? 

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