Wisper Electric Bikes: Torque vs Cadence sensor - which is best for you?

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Wisper electric bikes have recently arrived at Electric Travels. Offering exquisite designs, with high quality build's and componentry.

Wisper, being a notable British brand, have over sixteen years’ experience in the electric bike industry, where the team at Wisper continue to push the boundaries; innovating the market with their creations. Continually utilising the latest branded components and hassle-free, state of the art battery and drive technology.

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With this new and exciting range comes a variety of not only colour options and motor power, but choosing between two sensors that provide unique riding experiences. These are known as Cadence and Torque - but what is the difference and why is it important to have knowledge about the sensors before purchasing a Wisper electric bike?

Cadence or torque sensors inform the electric bike's pedal-assist system (PAS) when to engage and propel the bike forwards. Both sensors have an impact on the electric bike's performance and the riders experience. 

The cadence sensor acknowledges when you are pedalling, whereas the Torque sensor measures how hard you are pedalling. 

 Cadence Sensor's

For the majority of cadence based pedal assist systems, the electric bikes motor will engage once the rider begins to pedal forwards. This means that when the rider begins pedalling, the motors output will increase to reach the power limit you have set on your display. Naturally the method requires much less effort from the rider, an attractive option for commuters who want to arrive less worn out / sweaty. 
Cadence sensors are typically located at the crank on an electric bike.
One benefit of using this particular type of sensor is the somewhat light pressure required to employ the PAS. Moreover, for recreational riders or those with sensitive knees may discover that the cadence based sensor PAS is more suitable and offers a more comfortable ride. 
With many pedal assist systems it is often required that the rider initially moves the pedals in order to engage the motor. This is why many cadence based bikes come coupled with a throttle, allowing the user to press the throttle to kick start the bike's motor and leave the pedalling till after the bike is moving.
Torque Sensor's
Usually a slightly more expensive option, as the Torque system is a complex piece of equipment, but lets not mistake an additional cost as a better system - especially as the sensor's were designed to facilitate different riders and their personal requirements. 
That said, let's access whether the Torque system is right for you...
The torque system implements a form of a strain gauge to acquire knowledge of how much force the rider is applying to the pedal. 
From this, the torque sensor responds accordingly, as the motor's output will increase to match the pedal force that the rider is applying. The more force applied, the more power output up to the predetermined limit of the PAS level. 
One thing to note is that the more power a bike has, the less important the pedal input is, which means that opting for Wisper's 700w e-bike will enable a less strenuous ride. 
Wisper have manufactured their torque based PAS systems to equip their electric bikes with a quieter motor sound, up to 30% more range, immediate power when the pedals are pushed and provide a more natural / intuitive riding experience. 

 So - which of Wisper's e-bikes will you choose? 

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The Wisper 705 Step-Through ebike is well styled and features a very adaptable unisex design that provides a multifaceted riding experience, as well as offering excellent value for money. The 705 Step-Through is Wisper’s go-to ebike for the majority of riders, offering customisable options such as multiple frame sizes, as well as a choice of battery, power unit and various colours to choose from.

The Wisper 705 Step-Through the perfect all rounder. Offering an alternative mode of transport for everyone, whether it's for the shorter trips to the shops, for commuting or long country rides. The Wisper 705 Step-Through is suitable for varying fitness levels. Find your cleaner way to travel today!

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The Wisper 806 folding ebike is the perfect option for campers, caravaners, boating enthusiasts, commuters or for those with restricted storage space. With their very low step over height the Wisper 806 ebike is also ideal for the rider smaller in stature, however the extensive adjustment range on the seat post and handlebar stem means the bike can easily be adjusted for the comfort of taller riders.


Why buy from ET?

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David on Dec 11, '23

Good to see cadence sensored crank drive bikes. Are they speed or current controlled? Can this be changed on request?

Interesting web pages but incorrect use of the apostrophe. E.g. your torque v. cadence sensor page. Apostrophe before “s” at the end of a word indicates possessive: e.g. Fred’s e-bike. It should not be used for plurals: Fred’s e-bikes is correct, Fred’s e-bike’s is not. Bad punctuation look’s (!) unprofessional.

I don’t know whether this is the fault of the education system or because the auto-correct on iPhone’s shove’s in apostrophe’s at all opportunitie’s, if you see what I mean…

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