Electric Scooter Legislation: Potential Law Change 2022

Electric TravelsJun 23, '22

Exciting news for electric scooter users!

The UK Government recently announced, inline with the Queen's speech, to turn their attention to investing in more sustainable modes of transport; including the implementation of strategies, to ensure safer use of electric transporters on public roads. 

Electric scooter legislation update 2022. Electric travels blog about e scooter law change 2022.

This is a huge step with regards to legalising the use of privately owned electric scooters on UK roads. 

Currently the legislation on privately owned e scooters stands that they are not permitted on publics roads; only on private land with the owners consent. Despite e scooters being widely sold and seen as cheaper, and more sustainable options of getting from A to B.

For the past year the UK Government have facilitated nationwide trials on rental e scooters to see how the two wheel transporters are used and if there are any clear benefits moving forward to legislate them. Fortunately the Government now plans to invest in creating clear guidelines for safer use of electric scooters on public roads. 

The transport bill should see a law change regarding electric scooters in the coming years. Safety being paramount to the Governments plans to legislate. 

"Safety will always be our top priority and our trials are helping us to better understand the benefits of properly regulated, safety-tested e-scooters and their impact on public space," a spokeswoman said.

The potential law change for e scooters means that there is a need to address the current infrastructure of UK roads, particularly in London. 

The AA's president Edmund King states "If introduced alongside appropriate infrastructure, e-mobility could help provide a positive shift in greener localised travel both for individuals and last-mile freight."

Investing in developing an infrastructure that considers micro mobility as a crucial part of the future of travel, means that we could see more use of cleaner modes of transport; making our roads not only safer, but more environmentally conscious too. 

Electric Travels are committed to the future use of micro mobility and are excited to see where this transport bill takes electric scooters. 


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