Electric Travels: Step by step guide for buying the right adult or children's helmet

Electric TravelsAug 1, '22

A helmet can be the difference between a small scrape or a fatal injury - drastically decreasing the chances of head or brain injury's by a whopping 69%.

However, many consider their helmet purchases to be an afterthought; that the bike or scooter is the main event. To a degree, that is true, many of us find enjoyment riding out in the countryside, exploring new places; but safety is paramount to the success of these excursions. 

A helmet should be at the forefront of our minds when purchasing equipment that could cause potential harm. There are also a variety of considerations that need to be made to ensure a helmet's success at protecting you and your child. If it's too small, too loose or not positioned correctly, this all can decrease the chances of the helmet doing it's job; meaning someone could get seriously injured. 

Are there any standards for Bike helmets in the UK?

The short answer is, yes. The British Standards Institute (BSI) adopted Europe's General Product Safety Regulations (GSPR) back in 2005. Meaning the standard in the UK is listed as BS EN 1078. This is the most common standard that helmet manufacturer's comply with in the UK; there are also recognisable symbols detailed on the packaging, which are displayed below: 

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In 2013 a related standard was created for helmets that would be worn by young children. This new standard is a modified version of the BS EN 1078 that integrates testing for a quick release system, due to the risk of strangulation caused by fastening mechanisms. 

Tips when it comes to buying a helmet:

- Try the helmet on to make sure it is an appropriate fit for you or your child.

- Always check for certifications.

- Never buy a used helmet. The previous owner could avoid disclosing if the helmet had been involved in a crash, which would mean that you or your child are not fully protected. 


How should the helmet fit?

Avoid the notion that your child will 'grow into' their helmet. Helmets should always be the right fit, anything other than that could be dangerous and it is better to be safe than sorry. 

- The helmet should fit nice and snug: What we mean by this is that the helmet should not move side to side or up and down. 

- Should fit level and low. 

- Most importantly, the helmet should be comfortable.

Now to discuss the positioning of the adjustable side and chin straps.

- The left and right side straps to come together to form a Y shape, just below the ear. To avoid slipping, roll the rubber band as close to the side straps as possible. 

- The chin strap - tighten this until it feels snug. You should only be able to fit one finger underneath this strap. 

Finally, here are some quick safety checks you can make before setting off that will ensure you helmet is on correctly:

- Shake your head - if the helmet feels loose or slips when making these movements then you will have to readjust the sizing pads or universal fit ring. 

- Yawn - When opening your mouth wide this should force the helmet to be pulled down on your head. If this doesn't occur then you may need to readjust the chin strap. 

- Look around - your vision shouldn't be impaired by the helmet. You should be able to see side to side and straight ahead. 

- Tilt your head up - you should be able to see the front of the helmet visor, if not, take off and readjust. 

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