When should you replace your helmet?

Electric TravelsSep 3, '21

At Electric Travels we believe that helmets are fundamental accessories for ensuring a riders safety when out on the roads. An accessory that can determine the fate of the rider and the severity of their injuries - should they be involved in an incident or collision. With that in mind, it's crucial to be proactive about keeping yourself safe - buying the essential gear is the first step towards that. Electric Travels offers a comprehensive collection of the world's leading helmet brands, which can be found here. For now, lets discuss when and under what circumstances you should be replacing your helmet. 


Like most equipment, helmets and their quality will degrade over time - meaning it is sensible to replace them to ensure that you continue to protect yourself properly. But when is the right time to replace your helmet? Does being involved in a crash or incident change the helmet? If it hasn't been used for numerous years, should I seek out a newer model?

These questions are important, whether you are retrieving an old helmet from the attic that's been stowed away since the dawn of time or figuring out if a scratch in the helmet after a crash means it's time to look for something new. We will touch on many scenarios, ones where you should consider purchasing a new helmet. After all, they can be the difference between a speedy recovery or a more fatal injury. 

How long does a helmet last for?

The answer to this question is dependent on what helmet you purchase, as different helmets age in various ways, which is down to their design, quality, and how they are used / maintained. 

A good rule of thumb is that a helmet that hasn't been involved in a crash, received impact and one that regularly undergoes maintenance (well looked after) should be replaced at least once every five years. 


What if my helmet hasn't been used in years?

Helmet's that haven't been worn or used in years, will still most likely need to be replaced, even if the helmet was only used for a few months or less. In this case it is necessary to replace the helmet, as it will eventually be degraded by environmental factors. These include: fluctuations in temperature, light and humidity, which diminish the integrity of the helmet over time. Even the highest quality foam constructions will still fall victim to these factors and inevitably degrade from not being used. 

Another point to consider is the storage conditions of the helmet, if they were left under a mountain of clutter, the likelihood is that they would of succumbed to denting from the prolonged pressure. 

The takeaways from this - should you discover a helmet after years of not using it, your safest option is to opt for buying a new one. 

What if my helmet has been involved in a crash?

If you have experienced an accident whilst wearing a helmet, then you should heavily consider replacing it.

The damage to a helmet is not always visible, which means that after a collision any wear and tear may seem harmless or practically non existent.

This however is a misconception, as helmets are designed to absorb and disperse energy; this means that impact from an accident is consumed solely by the helmet. This is great, as it means that the helmet has fulfilled it's primary function, which is to minimise the impact to your head, but is not necessarily a similar story for the helmet. 

In this instance we strongly advise replacing your helmet, especially as slight damage can render the helmet completely useless. Should the unfortunate event arise where another accident occurs, then you may not walk away completely unscathed should you decide to use the damaged helmet.

What if my helmet has been impacted?

 Dropping your helmet can happen, and experts who design these accessories expect / prepare for this to occur. During the testing phase they take into account the impact a helmet may succumb to in the real world, so they are designed to be resilient. As long as dropping the helmet does not become a regular occurrence, then it should be fine to continue using - even if it gains a few superficial scratches. In the event of even the worst case scenario happening, where the helmet hits a hard surface, it is still unlikely that there would be enough energy present to cause fatal damage to the helmet. 


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