Introducing the Latest Model from REID: The Glide Electric Scooter!

Electric TravelsAug 27, '21

REID is undoubtedly one of the leading brands for electric scooters, consistently offering customers high quality products, without charging sky high prices. The Glide electric scooter is no exception to this, which makes us here at Electric Travels proud to add this well rounded, affordable electric scooter to our collection. In today's blog we will provide readers with a greater insight into this model and share the Glide electric scooter's stand out features. 

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For starters, REID have incorporated the use of puncture proof tyres in the form of the modest 8.5 inch honey comb size and style. In light of this, should you be someone who has a demanding schedule, then this particular model may suit you - given that these tyres will require a lot less maintenance and attention. Unlike other solid tyres, honeycomb are relatively new to the market and provide a more stable ride in comparison to foam filled or other forms of solid tyre. To learn more about the pros and cons, visit our in depth blog touching upon the various types of tyres and their capabilities: Which Tyres Are Best For Your Electric Scooter? Solid Vs Pneumatic | Electric Travels



This particular electric scooter's design also includes multiple speed modes, which is a common feature with REID electric scooters. This personalisation makes this brand stand out, offering a unique experience for each rider that is comfortable for them. The REID Glide offers a top speed of 25km (15mph), with a powerful motor of 300w, which is the highest mode of this scooter and is labelled as level three. The other levels consist of one, which is the equivalent to walking pace at 7km (4mph) and level two at 15km (9mph). 

To ensure the safety and comfort of riders, regardless of the speed they decide to travel at, REID has consciously inputted rear suspension into this electric scooter and a mechanical disc brake. The suspension is useful, especially with the use of solid tyres. This feature will help make your ride more comfortable, as the suspension absorbs impact when riding over rough terrain. Now to discuss the braking system, mechanical disc brakes have many advantages such as:

- Having excellent braking power

- Performing well in both wet and dry conditions

- They are lightweight (The Glide model is 14.5kg in total)

- They are easy to adjust and maintain

Comparatively there are also a few disadvantages, but mechanical disc brakes are the most common among electric scooters and are proven to be extremely effective. However there are a few points to be aware of: Mechanical disc brakes require the occasional adjustment and maintenance check and that riding consistently in rough conditions may diminish their performance. 

More notes on safety features include the use of high beam LED's, which is perfect for conditions where visibility is decreased or when riding at night time. In addition to this, REID have also integrated light up handle bars when riding for increased side on visibility, which is specific to the Glide model. 

Finally when you buy a REID electric scooter you can download the eMobility app for free. This offers enhanced features such as journey tracking, light customisation, speedometer and so much more. It is no wonder that they are one of the leading electric scooter brands in the market!

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