Electric Travels: Buyers Guide for Electric Scooters

Electric TravelsJul 25, '22

Welcome to Electric Travels guide to finding the perfect electric scooter for you.

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First and foremost, it is a good idea to establish what you are buying an electric scooter for. Is the e-scooter for the purpose of commuting, a chance to connect with family or an opportunity to catch up with friends?

For example if you are looking to use an electric scooter for commuting then you may need to consider a more lightweight scooter, which can easily fold and be stored at work or in the car. 

But, If you are looking to travel further distances then it is important to take into account the range, speed and your own personal comfort, as that may become more important.

In general terms the lighter, compact electric scooters will have a smaller battery and the trade off is usually a shorter range.  Electric scooters with larger batteries and motor power can achieve longer range, but tend to be heavier. It’s about striking the right balance, which is why we have created a handy selector tool to help you choose the perfect scooter for your needs.  

Simply select your required combinations of range, speed and weight to see the right scooter tailored to your needs.

If you need more information on the key points to look out for and want to skip the selector tool for now; then check out the top areas to think about before buying an electric scooter: 

  1. TyresTyres come in two varieties: pneumatic (air-filled) and airless. You would need to consider the terrain you will most likely be riding on to determine which electric scooter tyre type is more appropriate for you. 
  2. Range - Range refers to the distance a scooter can travel before it runs out of battery power. Electric scooters have varying distances that they can travel before powering down. Think about how far you may need to travel, this can help narrow down your decision. 
  3. Weight - Weight can be a big consideration if you ever need to fold and carry your scooter.
  4. Top speed - This can be a huge consideration for some riders. An average electric scooter will reach a top speed of 15mph. There are advanced performance scooters available online, however we recommend purchasing the appropriate safety gear and taking note of current legislation before buying. 
  5. Motor power - Again, making note of your surroundings will be useful when deciding upon the right electric scooter, especially when it comes to motor power. This refers to how much power the scooter can generate; so if you live in a particularly hilly area, opting for a scooter with more motor power will be of more use. 
  6. Lighting - An important safety feature that comes with most electric scooters, and all of the ones from our hand curated range. You typically will have one at the front and another at the rear of the electric scooter. 
  7. Brakes There are four main brake types: electric and/or regenerative, foot, drum, and disc. They are listed in order from least to most effective and can be installed on the front, rear, or both tyres.
  8. Legislation & safety - Privately owned electric scooters are not legal for use on public roads or pavements, acceptable use is on private land with the owners consent. But there have been great strides within recent months, whereby as per the Queen's speech; The UK Government plans to implement the use of micro mobility which could see electric scooters on our roads in the coming years. To read more about this, head to our blog: Electric scooter legislation: E scooter law change 2022 | Electric Travels Blog

For further information on each of these points, then head to the Electric Travels buyer's guide: ⁣Buyers Guide | Electric Scooters & Bikes UK | Electric Travels


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