Is the Future Electric? Our Experience at The Fully Charged Outside Event

Megan EarlSep 10, '21

"We want as many people as possible to be able to make the switch to electric vehicles as we look to reduce our carbon emissions, strive towards our net-zero ambitions and level up right across the UK." - Transport Minister Rachel Maclean

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The Fully Charged show is one of the world's leading online channels that focuses on clean energy and electric vehicles.

Fuelled solely by forward thinking discussions and a desire to prevent damaging the earth beyond repair. The attendees and hosts share a vision in discovering alternative sources for energy, as opposed to drowning the planet in pollution.

The show is hosted by writer, broadcaster and actor Robert Llewellyn, Maddie Moate, Rory Reid, Helen Czerski, Chelsea Sexton and Andy Torbet who are all passionate about establishing cleaner sources for energy.

'Government measures to encourage people to switch to electric vehicles are also working, with nearly 11% of new cars sold in 2020 having a plug. This was up from just over 3% in 2019 – and battery electric car sales almost tripled over that same period.' 

Fully Charged was born in response to the increasing threat of climate change and how consumers made apparent that they actually want to live, work and travel in sustainable ways; ones that don't cost us the most valuable home we own.

The purpose of the show is to educate viewers about electric vehicles as a cleaner mode of transport and how they can opt to find alternative ways of implementing cleaner energy into their daily lives.

Go cycle bike from the Fully Charged Event. Adult woman riding electric bike. E-mobility. A cleaner way to travel. Cutting carbon footprint.

Last week the Electric Travels team attended their popular outdoor event -  Fully Charged Outside, a festival of all things to do with electric vehicles and clean energy. 

The event enlisted countless panels of experts in this field, who engaged in various discussions surrounding the use of clean energy - discussions that the ET team were fortunate enough to be audience members of.

Throughout today's blog we will discuss our experiences of the fully charged show and provide readers with food for thought on making the switch to electric modes of transport. 

Climate denial, is solution denial

The first talk we attended was about how businesses can make strides towards going deep green.

Reap the rewards - The panel opened up a discussion about leading by example and not waiting for other companies, but instead relying on yourself to do the necessary research.

It's the little things - Every company has room for improvement, which can be a simple change like replacing office supplies to those that are made with more sustainable materials. 

The panellists went on further to talk about social value, which is a term for the economic, environmental and social benefits that are experienced by people.

Measuring social value has become a vital part of communicating and committing to the creation of social value across the development lifecycle, but how can we find statistics on the benefits of going green?

The Social Value Portal (SVP) is a good place to start. 

So sustainability, how do we educate people that it's not only about environmental change, but that it's also social?

We make it comparable - connect with people who are investigating statistics, double check that they are pulling trustworthy data and relay this by displaying relatable experiences. 

For example - one of the panellists told an anecdote about their son having recently left a company where his values regarding sustainability were not aligned. In turn he took a lower pay cheque to work for a company that provided evidence of their contribution towards sustainability.

Proving the importance of a traceable sustainability journey. That is has to appeal to both the consumer of your products / services and the employees of your company.  

Women in clear tech. Fully charged show. Panellists. Discussing clean energy, electric vehicles and womanhood.


Women in clean tech and electrical vehicles 

The next talk we attended was about women in clean tech and electrical vehicles. The panel informed us that early electric vehicles were actually designed with women in mind and were marketed as ‘quiet cars for pretty little women’ - astonishing.

They think this is initially why electric vehicles didn't take off, hard to believe with such an inviting tagline...

Jokes aside, they finished the talk by emphasising the importance of creating a space where everyone can be made to feel confident, which is something we can all get behind. 

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

The final talk focused on choosing your first electric car, we are aware we do not sell cars, but they did pose important questions for consumers to consider before a purchase. 

So, here it is, grounds to cover before purchasing an Electric Scooter:

- Think about what your daily journey is like, consider the mileage, the terrain etc

- Are there any charging facilities where you will be going?

And that about covers it. Easy right?

This talk also provided the opportunity for a Q&A, whereby one audience members asked about maintenance costs and longevity of batteries.

For the electric scooter, one pro is that the maintenance is pretty low, whereby keeping it clean and not over charging are the two key ways to minimise sacrificing precious battery life. 

Personal electric transport demo their electric scooters. E-TWOW. Adult electric scooter. Available from Electric Travels, buy now















Finally, we couldn't resist the section that was completely dedicated to electric bikes, scooters, skateboards - essentially a playground of electric wheels. 

This was a brilliant opportunity to get hands on with equipment before making any commitment to buy. 

Overall we found the event very educational, interactive and inspiring. We definitely recommend anyone who is considering to make the switch to a cleaner mode of transport to attend the next one - Hopefully we will see you there!


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