Electric Scooters: The Beginners Handbook

Electric TravelsSep 17, '21

With the trials for Electric Scooters in full swing, we believe that, as a nation, we are steering in a positive direction - one that prioritises sustainable transport and the use of all electric vehicles. 

Electric scooter riding. Adult e-scooters. Ninebot Segway. Available from Electric Travels, UK Online Retailer of the worlds best electric scooters https://electrictravels.co.uk/

Considering this, many of us have thought about the impact of our own carbon footprint and find the commute to work, school and out to socialise agonising - constantly having to plot the prime time to leave in the hopes of avoiding the ever building swarm of traffic. This is why there is a need to discover alternatives sources of travel, ones that aren't as costly, offer more efficiency and reduce our impact on the environment. 

Having said that, Electric travel provides much more than that. When we optimise our time we have the ability to do more with our day, whether that be to connect with friends and family, enjoy a luxurious lie in or explore new places - the options are endless. 

So, you have clicked on this blog, we assume as a beginner in the hopes of receiving guidance on how to select the electric scooter that is right for you. Before we begin, should you not find the information you are looking for in this blog, then please consult our Buyers Guide: ⁣Electric Scooter Buyers Guide | Important Information | Electric Travels

Fortunately, there are many Electric Scooters out there that are suitable candidates for beginner riders, which means as a consumer you have the ability to be selective and choose an Electric Scooter that accommodates your needs. 

But what questions should be asked? Well, here are a few recommendations below:

  • What will I be using the Electric Scooter for?
  • What conditions will I be riding in? Terrain?
  • Do I live in a climate where it rains often? Perhaps I should consider an Electric Scooter with a higher IP rating. 
  • What distance will I be covering with the Electric Scooter?
  • Do I need to consider max load? What are weight limitations for some Electric Scooters?

If you have various needs and identify that many of these factors are important or significant, then first consider what your top priority is. From there observe the list of features those scooters have and if it doesn't match with your requirements then search for other models that have the features you are after. 

If you don't have any demands or requirements, then we suggest opting for the best overall / higher end models. 

Selecting the right Electric Scooter may feel over whelming at first, but the benefits are worth it. So be sure to spend time researching into scooter brands, considering your needs and purchasing from a reliable retailer. 

Below we have compiled a few notable brands and their models to help get you started:

First and foremost, one of the best brands for providing Electric Scooters for users of all levels, but in particular - beginners. That would be Xiaomi. 

Xiaomi scooter. Mi M365 Pro 2. Popular global brand of electric scooters. Reliable scooter. Good speed, range and lightweight. Buy now from Electric Travels https://electrictravels.co.uk/

Especially the moderately priced Mi M365 Pro 2 Electric Scooter (£499.99), which is one of the bestselling scooters of all time. Moreover, reasonable pricing without sacrificing quality is a trope of this brand. Users can trust that they will receive a top-quality electric scooter without having to fork out a great deal of money. Hence why this brand excels, receiving glowing reviews from many first-time buyers.

The Mi M365 Pro 2 is a very durable, versatile, and reliable Electric Scooter, here are some more important perks noted below:

  • They offer good range
  • Light weight
  • Water resistant, offering an IP rating of 45
  • Easily foldable and robust design

To learn more about the other specifications then please click the following link: ⁣Mi M365 Pro 2 Electric Scooter | Electric Travels

Another brand worth mentioning is Ninebot, and their premium model - the MAX G30 (£649.99). Typically this Electric Scooter is best for beginners who also identify as commuters. Striking a brilliant balance between exceptional range, proven quality, affordable price and ability to climb gradients up to 20% - makes this scooter the ideal for those who don't like to waste a second.

Segway Ninebot max G30. Adult commuting on electric scooter. Great commuter scooter. Available for purchase from Electric Travels https://electrictravels.co.uk/

With a range up to 40 miles, this is double than your typical Electric Scooter, meaning you can travel on a singular charge for the same expense as scooters that offer significantly distance. 

Also beloved for it's 10-inch tubeless pneumatic tyres that rarely go flat and offer minimal maintenance, mechanical and electrical anti-lock braking systems and cruise control. It's a no brainer why the MAX G30 is owned by millions of satisfied commuters worldwide. 

It's hard to believe but there are still other positives to note about this favoured scooter, those being:

  • Great value for money
  • Strong and reliable performance
  • Great design
  • Outstanding range
  • Waterproof

In addition, should you wish to view more about this Electric Scooter then visit: ⁣Ninebot Segway Max G30 Scooter | Electric Travels

Finally one more brand to touch on is Decent, their philosophy being 'Decent by name, Decent by nature'. The nature of these Electric Scooters is innately reliable and sturdy, as their design was crafted to suit varying user levels. Their latest range provides top quality scooters that are more than suitable for beginners, including the first electric scooter to incorporate a removable battery. 

Decent electric scooters. Decent range, speed, motor power. Decent all round electric scooter. Great for beginners. Adult e-scooter. Purchase from Electric Travels https://electrictravels.co.uk/

To learn more about the newest additions to the Decent range please view the links below:

We hope this blog has been of use, please let us know in the comments below if there is anything you would like us to touch on that wasn't included here. 

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