Citrus Degreaser 500ml | Kingud

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Electric Travels introduces Kingud's Biodegradable Citrus Degreaser. A fast, effective chain/drivetrain cleaner specifically formulated to quickly and safely remove chain grime from your ride including your cassettes, derailleur and rear wheel without harming the environment. Here at Electric Travels we are impressed with Kingud's eco-friendly formula, that quickly breaks down oil and grease to ensure your ride is working at maximum efficiency.

No solvents, no alcohol, no propellants, no caustic substances and no nasty fumes. A little goes a long way to leave a lasting impression with this highly concentrated formula. Don't let grime or dirt slow you down, get your hands on Kingud's Citrus Degreaser today!

Important notice for Electric Scooter and Bike owners:

Remember to take care when using cleaning products on vehicles that have electrical components, as E-bikes and scooters typically have an IP rating of 54. For further information about IP ratings and how to safely clean your electric scooter or bike then check out our blog, which also includes a step by step video: ⁣How To Clean Your Electric Scooter | Electric Travels