Bottle for Life 500ml | Kingud

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Turn back time and give your Bike, Scooter or Electric Transporter a new lease of life!

Refill and Reuse with Kingud's Bottle for life. They don’t just look and do good for the environment, the eco-friendly formula wash also works a treat with the two position foaming trigger. 

Many modern composite bikes have surfaces which can be damaged by traditional solvent based cleaners. Kingud biodegradable bike cleaner is a water based product which lifts mud, dirt, salt, brake dust, oil, and insect remains quickly and safely from wet or dry surfaces. Kingud multi-surface cleaner for bikes will help keep your favourite ride in pristine condition. 

Important notice for Electric Scooter and Bike owners:

Remember to take care when using cleaning products on vehicles that have electrical components, as E-bikes and scooters typically have an IP rating of 54. For further information about IP ratings and how to safely clean your electric scooter or bike then check out our blog, which also includes a step by step video: ⁣How To Clean Your Electric Scooter | Electric Travels