The Clean Team | Kingud

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If you want a gift set that packs a punch, pick The Clean Team - housing a 1000ml of eco-friendly cleaner, with an eco friendly 500ml bottle for life sitting alongside it. Both make an unstoppable team and  are high performance products used for all aspects of cycling. There is also a specific tyre cleaning brush included, making a riders life so much easier. Release stubborn dirt quickly and with minimum effort. Ergonomically designed handle with comfort grip and moderately stiff bristle are perfect for the job in hand. This is an essential cleaning gift box kit ready for a cycling fanatic. 

Important notice for Electric Scooter and Bike owners:

Remember to take care when using cleaning products on vehicles that have electrical components, as E-bikes and scooters typically have an IP rating of 54. For further information about IP ratings and how to safely clean your electric scooter or bike then check out our blog, which also includes a step by step video: ⁣How To Clean Your Electric Scooter | Electric Travels