A Cleaner way to Travel: The Benefits of Micro Mobility

Electric TravelsNov 12, '21

In terms of environmental factors, poor air quality is one of the largest threats to public health. Long term exposure to such pollutants can lead to chronic conditions such as respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, which all have the potential to reduce life expectancy. Moreover, the air pollution that we are exposed to is man made, and is estimated to evoke between 28,000 to 36,000 deaths annually. 

According to Public Health England, road transport is one of the main sources of air pollution and the statistics reveal that this factor alone emits 33.6% of Nitrogen Oxide into the atmosphere, which is one of the biggest causes of asthma. Those who are sitting comfortably with the knowledge that they are a public transport user be aware that non-road transport actually emits 16.8% of Nitrogen Oxide. 

At this point our contribution to the problems of pollution seem unavoidable, especially as the majority of us use these forms of transport out of pure necessity. Don't fret, there fortunately are various other options available and ones that can have a positive impact on both your physical and mental wellbeing - whilst providing efficiency for your commute from point A to B. 

But before we proceed, to protect yourself from exposure from the more polluted areas of London and access your journey - there is an online website available: London Air Quality Network, you can review the level of air pollution and determine a route that avoids such areas if possible. 

So what are the other options? You could find a cleaner way to travel by opting for sources such as micro mobility. 

But what is Micro Mobility and why are cities pushing for it's implementation?

Micro mobility is a phrase that continues to build in popularity, with the potential to innovate the way we commute. Micro Mobility refers to lightweight and smaller vehicles that do not exceed the speed of 25km/h - these transporters can include products such as electric bikes, scooters, skateboards etc.

What are the benefits of Micro Mobility?

  • Solve the issue of road congestion: Less demand for cars.
  • Aid in reducing air pollution: Journey's on EV's emit no carbon emissions.
  • Cost effective and affordable: After the upfront cost most electric transporters require minimal maintenance and do not need to be refuelled. 
  • Portable and efficient: Great for commuters. 

What prevents the growth of micro mobility in the UK currently?

The short answer - the legislation on electric scooters. Also there is currently no infrastructure in place for privately owned scooters. As of present the rental scooters are under a trial, facilitated by the government and scooter companies - who have constructed restrictions in an attempt to keep riders and the public safe. This is currently not in place for privately owned electric scooters. 

Furthermore, currently in the UK privately owned electric scooters are not legal to use on public roads. However, since September 2021 the Government has introduced trials on the rental electric scooters. In local towns and cities across the UK many have been able to access these rental scooters for commuting and recreational purposes. The majority have found these scooters beneficial for shorter trips, discovering that this is a cheaper and more efficient mode of transport - by cutting time waiting for trains or sitting in traffic. To learn more about the legislation for electric scooters and the trials, please visit Government website: E-scooter trials: guidance for users - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

As mentioned before, there are other options for sustainable modes other than electric scooters, such as Electric Bikes. Fortunately Electric Bikes are legal for road use, as long as the vehicle adheres to certain requirements, that can be found on the Government website: Electric bikes: licensing, tax and insurance - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk). Furthermore, it is evident that the demand for micro mobility is there, as electric transporters are vastly becoming an ever growing market - predicted to reach sales of 130 million worldwide between the years of 2020 - 2030. From this it is clear that the general public is interested in micro mobility and the possibilities is poses - especially since these modes of transport are offer environmentally friendly option, efficiency and the potential to positively impact your health. There are many attractive options, hence why we expect to see this market continue to grow in popularity through the years to come.

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