Decent One Electric Scooter: A Quality Experience for an Affordable Price

Electric TravelsJun 18, '21

Hello from the Electric Travels Team!

This week we are highlighting the Decent One Electric Scooter. Decent deliver a quality experience for an affordable price. At only 13kg, the Decent One is lighter than many competitor e-scooters. It can be folded down in seconds, carried in one hand and is compact enough to be stowed under a train seat, or in the boot of a small car. This newer model also has a removable battery so you can juts pop it off and charge anywhere for your convenience.

Below we have listed more of Decent One's key features to help you figure out if this is the electric scooter for you:


Tyres impact your e-scooter’s comfort and ease of maintenance:

The Decent One’s 10-inch pneumatic tyres require more maintenance than airless tyres but offer a comfier ride and have better traction in wet conditions. The bigger tyres are better when it comes to a smooth and stable ride, they soak up all the bumps and take the fatigue out of longer rides. The soft compound used on the tyre also gives the Decent One E-Scooter better traction for better handling around corners and uneven surfaces.


What distance will you need to cover between charges? The Decent One has a maximum range of 16 km / 10 miles. To be safe, it’s best to divide this by two.


If you’ll need to carry your e-scooter, make sure it’s an appropriate weight!

At only Approx 13kgs, the Decent one can easily be carried on public transport or lugged up a flight of stairs.

Top speed

The Decent one has a top speed of 30 kph / 18.6 mph, more than enough to get you from A to B in good time. Especially with a 10 mile range with the standard charged battery.

Motor power

Power determines how quickly you accelerate, but the most critical thing to consider here is terrain: the steeper the road, the more power you need.

The Decent ones' engine puts out 350w motor. This powerful
motor can propel the scooter to a top speed of 15.5mph in sports mode and can tackle inclines up to 20% (load dependant).


    If you’re going to ride your electric scooter after dark, it needs to have proper lighting. The Decent one comes with front LED’s and a back light. There's a bright LED display that shows speed, mode and battery capacity.


    Don’t forget stopping power! The Decent one is equipped with front hub motor brakes and an emergency guard brake.

    Legislation and safety

    Stay safe! It’s important to always wear a helmet and suitable protective gear – especially if you plan on travelling fast. We have a wide range of electric scooter accessories, including safety equipment, here.


    Given the Decent ones' removable battery and lightweight feel, its £329.99 price tag is more than worth it.

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