Electric Scooters Set to be Allowed on Irish Roads

Electric TravelsOct 21, '21

The demand for electric scooters is at an all time high, many of us aspiring to seek out more sustainable, cheaper and efficient modes of transport. In the UK the e-scooter legislation remains that the use of privately owned scooters are illegal to use on public roads. However the Irish Government have approved the legislation to allow electric scooters in a public setting through the new Road Traffic Bill - creating a new category entirely for electric scooters. Under the new bill they will be listed as 'Powered Personal Transporters' (PPT's), which is set to go before the Oireachtas and be concluded by Christmas. 

Congestion is now an expected issue we face when commuting everyday, and it was noted that on average drivers in the UK spend 115 hours sat in traffic (nearly 5 whole days). Considering this, electric scooters are very viable mode of transport and could be introduced in more cities across the world in the coming years. The republic is the last EU member state that has not legislated electric scooters, but are heavily considering micro mobility as the next step. Benjamin Bell, TIER's Director of Public Policy for Northern Europe states...

"We are confident that, with this strong legislation approved by Cabinet, we are one step closer to not only legally having e-scooters in Ireland, but also ensuring the country has the safest e-scooter regime in Europe"


It is likely that the legislation in Ireland will mirror that of other European countries where the use of electric scooters is permitted. The following rules and guidelines we should expect to see are:

  • 25km Speed Limit (No less than 6km), Local Authorities will be given power to set a lower 20km speed limit on specific roads. 
  • It will be an offence to supply an Electric Scooter to a minor (Under 16 years of age)
  • May be an offence to ride whilst on your mobile phone. 
  • Legal requirements for helmets, lights and high visibility clothing.
  • Ban on cruise control.
  • No requirements to have tax or insurance. 

Currently these are our predictions, nothing will be finalised until the legislation stands before Oireachtas. It is important that there is a framework for the general public to work with that imposes restrictions to keep all road users safe, as electric scooters become a part of public use. 

Overall we feel this is a positive step in improving our attitudes towards micro mobility, believing that this is a viable mode of transport that could aid in reducing our carbon footprint. We hope the UK government decides to move forward with similar attitudes, implementing a legislation that allows safe use of electric scooters on public roads. 

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