Electric Scooters and Mental Health Awareness Week

Electric TravelsMay 14, '21

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 Lets talk about mental health and the benefits of using an Electric Scooter as a way to connect to the great outdoors.
This week from the 10th-16th of May is Mental Health Awareness week and a staggering statistic notes that 1 in 4 of us in England will experience problems with our mental health during our lifetime. Moreover, the pandemic has seen a drastic increase of people requiring help, with 10 million of us reaching out for support for mental health related issues. 
This years theme for mental health awareness week is nature. Connecting to nature is vital for improving our mental wellbeing and seeing as 45% of us used walks outside, as one of the top coping strategies during the pandemic; it speaks volumes to the impact that even a stroll in green scenery can have.
How does this relate to Electric Scooters?
Here at Electric Travels we believe there are many benefits of using an electric scooter. From providing a cleaner way to travel to enabling a new and exciting mode of transport, that allows friends and family an adventurous way to spend quality time together. Given the current unprecedented circumstances, it appears crucial now more than ever to reconnect with others in an outdoor setting. Establishing a healthy lifestyle whereby you're engaging with nature, moving your body and connecting with others can potentially boost both your mental and physical wellbeing. 
To read more into how connecting with nature can impact your mental health view the sources listed below...
Sources for statistics used within this blog:
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