A Weekend Test Driving the Mi M365 Essential Electric Scooter

Electric TravelsApr 26, '21



As a new starter at Electric Travels, I was provided with an Mi M365 Essential -Electric Scooter to test drive for the weekend, which was music to my stepdad’s ears who had been looking into purchasing his own scooter for some time. Luckily, he managed to get a hands-on experience before placing an order, which I know is not available for our customers; so here is an honest run down of our experiences with this Electric scooter. 

Firstly, I was surprised by how easy the scooter was to pack down, two clicks and it's ready to carry. That said, it was slightly heavier than anticipated, not that you would be lifting the weight of a double decker bus, but something to consider. Throughout the weekend my stepdad and I on privately owned land decided to put the scooter through its paces and test the tyres on a variety of terrain. We found that the tyres did not absorb a lot of the shock on difficult terrain, such as gravel. However, we did find that this scooter provided an overall nice smooth ride. The scooter itself was easily chargeable and lasted for the duration of the weekend, however we did only go out in short bursts each time. I also personally found the speed easy to control, as with a slight lift of the finger you would instantly feel the scooter slow. The breaks work tremendously well, which made me feel very in control of the ride. One final thing to mention before purchasing your own Electric Scooter is to take weight into consideration, especially if you reside in an area with hills. This model has a power rating of 250w and a top speed of 24 kmph / 12mph, which wasn't so suitable for uphill travel and if you are someone who has a need for speed. For myself I could comfortably ride uphill being quite petite without losing too much speed and felt safe on this model. 

We found this to be a great way to connect with friends and family, whilst immersing yourself into the great outdoors. I would highly recommend investing in an Electric Scooter and have noticed my stepdads add to cart increase with products every day since test riding!


*Privately owned E-Scooters are not part of the regulated trial, therefore are not permitted on public roads or pavements. Acceptable use of privately owned E-Scooters is on private land, with the owner’s consent.*


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