Electric Scooters for adults above 100kg

Jonathan StantonMar 29, '21

Electric Scooters for adults above 100kg - Electric Travels (ET) Blog Post 29.03.2020

One of the key factors that most adults consider when buying an electric scooter is the recommended maximum rider weight.  Most electric scooters have a maximum rider weight of 100kg which is around 15 stones.  So, adults above 100kg or above 15 stones will need to consider an electric scooter that suits their needs.  We have outlined a few of the considerations and have picked out two of our electric scooters that are perfect for riders with a weight of up to 150kg (23 stones).

As well as the manufacturer recommendations for maximum rider weight you will also need to consider the power output of your electric scooter, the higher the power output the better performance you will get.  For adults over 100kg or 15 stones we would recommend choosing a scooter that has a power rating of 350w or above. 

For added stability, large adults may want to consider the width of the deck, this is self-explanatory, bigger feet require a bigger deck. Most electric scooters are designed to be portable so can be quite narrow, look for scooters that have a bigger deck or are designed to take a rider weight of more than 100kg.

For additional comfort you may also want to consider an electric scooter that has 10’’ wheels or above to help smooth out the bumps on the surface, also look for an electric scooter with robust suspension which will give you added comfort and stability when enjoying your ride.

Electric Travels have selected two Electric Scooters that suit adults above 100 kg and both have a maximum rider weight of up to 150kg which is 23 stones. 

InMotion L9 Electric Scooter

The InMotion L9 has a powerful motor with a power rating of 500w.  With 10’’ pneumatic tubeless tyres, dual Suspension, widened deck make the L9 a very comfortable ride on most surfaces.  Maximum recommended rider weight of 150kg or 23 stones.

Decent X7 Electric Scooter

The Decent X7 is a great value robust electric scooter with a single 350w motor, 10’’ solid tyres and has a maximum rider weight of 150 kg or 23 stones.

Please have a look at our buyers guide and comparison chart to help you choose your perfect ride.

Buyers guide and comparison chart

We at Electric Travels we support the safe use of electric scooters and remind customers that they should always use their electric scooter in accordance with the current legislation which is on privately owned land with the landowner’s permission.  Please always protect yourself and others by wearing a helmet and suitable protective clothing.


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