Electric Travels Ltd (ET) focus on EGRET electric scooters 21/09/2020

Jonathan StantonSep 21, '20


Welcome to Electric Travels' regular 'deep dive' on one of our electric scooter brands to give you the latest information and our view on each model in the range.

This week our focus is on EGRET, from German manufacturer Walberg. Based in Hamburg the company was founded in 2011 by FLORIAN WALBERG. Deemed the 'Mercedes' in the electric scooter domain, Walberg produce high-end electric scooters designed and manufactured for premium design and build quality.

Electric Travels is proud to represent two of their premium electric scooters - 

The EGRET-TEN V3X Scooter, we have to admit is one of our favorites from our entire range.  Not only does it look amazing with the interchangeable kick board, it's also the most powerful scooter we have.   At 800W motor power, it combines first-class workmanship and great attention to detail with a compact weight of only 17kg.

Equipped with 10“ air wheels, this model offers a smooth and secure driving experience on pretty much every terrain. The height of the handlebar can be adjusted according to the driver’s height. The driver can select between five different speed levels and control the velocity using the index finger throttle. A wide deck provides enough space for the feet even on longer trips.
The continuous output of the motor is 500 watt, maximum rated output is 800 watt. The EGRET-TEN V3X is the right model to conquer moderate inclines. The maximum range is 40 km.
Two disk brakes (front and rear) offer a superior brake power with a good modulation.
The lighting system (certified according to the German regulation) has two benefits: on the one hand, the road ahead is properly lit and on the other hand, you are being seen by other road users.

Folding the scooter is only a question of seconds. Due to the small pack size, it can be combined with public transport or put into the boot of a car. Unfolding the scooter is just as easy as folding it. The folding mechanism has been proven and tested, properly applied it is safe and reliable. 
At £1299 the price point reflects the craftmanship power and build quality of this amazing premium electric scooter.

The EGRET EIGHT V2X is the model with 8-inch tyres. High-quality workmanship, and the low weight of only 14 kg distinguish this electric scooter. The motor delivers a continuous output of 350 watts. The range is 30 kilometers. 
Low-maintenance drum brakes at the front and rear ensure safe braking performance at all times. The ABE-compliant lighting system provides good illumination allowing you to be seen clearly.
The scooter can be folded up with the established folding mechanism in a few easy steps. Thanks to the small packing size combined with the low weight, the EGRET EIGHT V2X is your loyal mobile companion. 
The price at £995 gives you the same build quality and craftsmanship as its big brother EGRET TEN V3X, however with a smaller motor its more light weight and still a lot of scooter for your money.



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