Electric Travels Ltd (ET) focus on Xiaomi electric scooters 25/09/2020

Electric TravelsSep 25, '20

As part of our regular product ‘deep dive’, this week we’re focusing on Xiaomi (pronounced Shao-mi).

This electric scooter brand is well established and is currently the world’s best seller. The Chinese manufacturer is famous for it's consumer electronics such as smartphones, mobile apps and laptops so it's no surprise that Xiaomi scooters link to a handy app ‘Mi Home App’ which, as an added security feature, allows the owner to remotely disable their electric scooter from their smart-phone. Smart thinking, hey?

Xiaomi have been manufacturing electric scooters since 2016 and have recently launched three new scooters that we have available in our shop;

Mi M365 Pro 2 electric scooter

Sleek and elegant, portable with a minimalist design and aircraft-grade aluminium alloy for the main body, it takes only three seconds to fold and go, and is relatively lightweight at 14.2 kg. This model connects to Mi Home App which provides usage data as well as the aforementioned security feature.

A sophisticated kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) recovers a moving vehicle’s kinetic energy under braking for longer battery life and the cruise control system helps maintain a steady speed set by the rider. High quality batteries guarantee a riding distance up to 45km.

It features a dual braking system with regenerative and disc braking at rear wheel and Electronic--ABS (anti locking break system) at the front wheel. For comfort and safety, there’s skid-resistant and shock-absorbing 8.5inch pneumatic tires and the 300W brushless DC motor powers the scooter to ride with ease and comfort.  It’s all-round performance and portability is perfect for frequent journeys.

Mi M365 1S Electric Scooter

This electric scooter has all of the same characteristics of the Mi M365 Pro but with a smaller 250w motor which makes the scooter 2kg lighter at 12.5kg.  The trade off is a shorter, but still punchy, range of 30km, and it shares the same top speed of 25km / hour.

Mi M365 Essential Electric Scooter

Again with all of the same build quality and connectivity as the Mi M365 1S and the Pro 2 but with lower top speed of 20km per hour and range of 20km, a slightly smaller battery allows the scooter to weigh in lighter at 12kg and it's quicker to charge in 3.5 hours.

This electric scooter is a perfect entry level scooter for shorter journeys (less than 15-20km) and very portable to allow it to be carried and stowed as needed. The quick charge means that if required, you can quickly charge at your destination and be ready for your return journey.


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