UK Government support the legalisation of Electric Scooters. Electric Travels (ET) Blog Post 2.10.2020

Jonathan StantonOct 2, '20

The UK Government’s transport committee has today published a report to support the legal use of electric scooters (e-scooters) in the UK. Committee chair Huw Merriman said;

‘E-scooters have the potential to become an exciting and ingenious way to navigate our streets and get from place to place. . . If this gets people out of the car, reducing congestion and exercising in the open air, then even better.’

This will come as welcome news to many who are looking for a socially distanced, eco-friendly way to commute.

‘E-scooters should be legalised on roads but riding on pavements should be prohibited’, the Transport Committee of MPs has said.

We have summarised the key points from the report –

  • UK remains the last major European economy where e-scooters are still banned to use anywhere except on private land.
  • E-scooters have the potential to improve local air quality and help meet the Government’s carbon emission targets, particularly if they replace car journeys.
  • The transport department should take swift action to legalise the use of privately owned e-scooters on roads and cycle lanes.

You can read the full report from the Transport Committee here 


We at Electric Travels we support the safe use of electric scooters and remind customers that they should always use their electric scooter in accordance with the current legislation, which is on privately owned land with the landowners permission. Please always protect yourself and others by wearing a helmet and suitable protective clothing.


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