First Time Experience Using an Electric Scooter

Electric TravelsJun 4, '21

When I first started working for Electric Travels, I didn’t intend on ever riding the electric scooters myself. The 12mph speed might not seem fast to the majority of people, but for someone who walks everywhere and who likes to keep her feet firmly on the ground, the idea of stepping onto an electric scooter was quite daunting. What I didn’t realise was that you can actually control the e-scooter’s speed by using the throttle, which is accessible on the handlebars. One afternoon, my colleagues and I decided to experience the electric scooters first-hand, so I reluctantly gave it a go. I hopped on the scooter and pushed off, pressing the throttle down all the way (this was a mistake, given that the electric scooter was in sport mode) when I reached an impressive 3mph, I shot forward and that’s when my heart beat out of my chest. Fortunately, the breaks were extremely effective, as I pulled them as fast as possible. From that moment I decided it wasn’t for me, and that I was keen to return to walking.


That said, two weeks later my co-worker and I were creating content that required me to use an electric scooter. So, I once again decided to give it a go and my apprehensions were at an all time high. I had earlier in the week been told that the “harder you press the throttle, the faster you go.” With that in mind, I pressed down lighter than the last time and to my surprise, I actually began to enjoy myself; I felt more in control of the ride and my experience. I found that being able to control the speed really allowed me to familiarize myself with the handling of the electric scooter. I could go as slow as I wanted, which helped me avoid obstacles and become more comfortable on the scooter; eventually increasing my speed. I would recommend the experience to anyone, even someone like me, who’s a bit more wary. The time I spent on my second go around, I found myself feeling empowered with the wind blowing through my hair and my dress blowing behind me; it felt wonderful. During that ride I thought to myself that I have rarely seen a woman using an electric scooter and I pondered why. I looked into this after my experience and after reading a couple of articles it seemed that women felt as though the electric scooters were just for a bit of fun whereas, the male perspective was that they were more for a form on transportation as well as recreational.


To that I say why can’t they be both? I rode around the office the other day and thought that should electric scooters one day be legalised on the roads, that they would be extremely convenient and time saving for commuters like myself. It would be a fun and practical journey and I would say to my fellow females that I 10/10 recommend. If you want to experience the electric scooters before buying, I would suggest going to the nearest e-scooter trial hub and taking one out for a spin yourself. More information on trial areas can be found here:

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