Convenience is king: A comprehensive guide for the Inmotion L9

Electric TravelsMay 28, '21

Hello from the Electric Travels Team!

In the spotlight this week is our Inmotion L9 Electric Scooter, being one of our best selling Electric scooters from our hand curated collection.

Compact and portable, electric scooters are a quick, convenient way to get from A to B – and we hope they will provide an eco-friendly transport solution. With less traffic, less smog and less noise, electric scooters are paving the way for truly people-friendly cities.

Lets see if the Inmotion L9 is the right Electric Scooter for you...

Key Features

When choosing a scooter, consider where you’re going to use it and what characteristics matter to you. Speed or stability? Comfort or ease of maintenance? From tyres to brakes, each plays an important role. Let’s run through Inmotion L9’s key features so you can decide if it’s a good fit.


Tyres impact your scooter’s comfort and ease of maintenance.

The Inmotion L9’s pneumatic tyres require more maintenance than airless tyres but offer a comfier ride and have better traction in wet conditions.


What distance will you need to cover between charges? The Inmotion L9 has a maximum range of 60 miles. To be safe, it’s best to divide this by two.

Inmotion have also included a dual charge feature which means that 2 chargers can be used together to charge the battery twice as fast. This is a really useful feature as it reduces the charge time from just over 7 hours to 3.6 hours.


If you’ll need to carry your scooter, make sure it’s an appropriate weight!

At 24kg, Inmotion L9 will be too heavy for most people to carry far. This is necessary due to its dual charge feature and widened deck, which enables a very comfortable electric scooter ride.

Top Speed

A standout pick for speed-freaks, the Inmotion L9 can reach an impressive 18.6mph.

Motor power

Power determines how quickly you accelerate, but the most critical thing to consider here is terrain: the steeper the road, the more power you need. The Inmotion L9’s engine puts out 500w – suitable for climbing steep hills up to 30 degrees!


Suspension is a key determinant of ride smoothness. The Inmotion L9 has dual suspension, the dual suspension, widened deck and 10" pneumatic tyres make the L9 a very comfortable e-scooter to ride on smooth and uneven surfaces. 

It is therefore versatile and will handle well in most situations.


If you’re going to ride your scooter after dark, it needs to have proper lighting. The Inmotion L9 comes with two divided 1.25W front light, rear LED tail/brake light, automatic direction sensing lights.


Don’t forget stopping power! The Inmotion L9 is equipped with a dual braking system with regenerative electromagnetic braking front and rear disc for added safety.

Legislation and safety

Stay safe! It’s important to always wear a helmet and suitable protective gear – especially if you plan on travelling fast. We have a wide range of scooter accessories, including safety equipment, here.

In summary the current legislation for Electric Scooters means that they can only be used on private land with the owner’s permission. So, any reference or footage of them on pavements, roads are too be avoided.

Please read through the current legislation blog to familiarize yourself with current law.

Electric Travels Ltd (ET) guide to electric scooter (e-scooter) legisl



Available for £699.99, the Inmotion L9 strikes a balance between top-notch features and value for money.


All of our scooters are UK stocked and come with full manufacturer warranties – no cheap and nasty knockoffs! But don’t take our word for it: Trust Pilot attests to our happy customers.

We’ve partnered with DPD to bring you rapid, reliable delivery. Orders placed before 2pm are eligible for free next day delivery. Or, simply pick a time and place that suits you. Tracking info is provided the moment your scooter leaves our warehouse.

We accept all major credit cards and Paypal - with the option to pay over three interest-free instalments. Less hassle, more scooting!

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