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What do we mean when we talk about range? Range refers to how far your electric scooter can travel before needing to stop and recharge. The range of an electric scooter is quintessential to copious amount of users. For the majority, their whole commute is determined by the distance their scooter can travel; hence why this is a well sought after feature. Given the importance of having an uninterrupted ride, lots of users worldwide want to push as much time out of their scooters as possible. Thankfully, there are a multitude of ways to optimise the range of your electric scooter, regardless of if the range was minimal to begin with or not.

How much range would you typically expect from an electric scooter?

Unfortunately this is quite a complex question to directly answer, as there are various attributes that contribute towards an electric scooters range. On average, consumer grade scooters will provide users with ranges between 15 - 30km on a singular charge when riding outdoors. 

Something to be aware of is that manufacturers typically advertise electric scooter ranges based on results under test lab conditions. This means that the range is usually not a true reflection of the environments that the scooters will be used in. Those ranges presented will generally be 5 - 10km more than what a rider would expect to get out of their scooter.

To advise further on this we have a comprehensive buyers guide, which includes a chart noting the various ranges, speed, weight etc. of each electric scooter we stock. The scooter with the longest range from our collection is the InMotion L9, which provides users with a colossal range of 95km (around 59 miles). 

Electric Scooter Buyers Guide | Important Information | Electric Travels

What impacts an Electric Scooter's range?

- Riding in the optimal mode and speed

- Overall weight

- Weather conditions

- The journey itself

- Tyre pressure

- How you ride 

- Maintenance and cleaning

Tips to improve and maximise your range 

Ride in the Optimal Mode and Speed

A simple but effective tip to get more range. Researching into the most applicable mode and speed for your electric scooter will enable longer range. A general rule of thumb is that you should ride slower in power saving modes and faster with scooters that have higher motor power. 

Many electric scooters provide users with an option to switch modes, and to refer back to optimisation, when flicking between the different modes try to ride at the maximum speed available in that mode. 

If you cannot find information regarding the optimal mode for your specific scooter, it is most likely going to be eco or power saving mode. 

Overall Weight

The total weight of the electric scooter and the rider combined will affect how far your scooter will travel between charges. This means that the range will be different for everyone.  Dependent on their weight, size and if they are carrying any additional weight, such as a backpack. Information regarding the cross overs between weight and range can be found within the buyer's guide mentioned earlier, but to simplify; heavier loads require more power to be drawn from the battery, thus decreasing the range.  

We recommend only carrying the essentials and considering clearing any unnecessary clutter from your bags and pockets to reduce the load on your scooter.

Weather Conditions

In lower temperatures, you should expect electric scooters to give you a shorter range. This is due to your scooter’s performance reducing, as more energy is required from the battery.

You may also experience a lower range when you are riding during windy conditions as the resistance will demand more from your scooters motor, forcing it to work harder to maintain a consistent speed.

The minute details can impact the riders resistance to the wind, for example avoiding baggy clothing can aid in extending your range. 

Evaluate Your Route

To reiterate, the range listed by the manufacturer is measured in a controlled setting, not the real world. In light of this, if your journey involves a lot of uphill riding and uneven surfaces, then your motor will work harder to provide more energy to climb the hills, speed bumps or poorly maintained roads. Consider altering your route to avoid as many hills to help preserve battery life, however for some riders this is unavoidable. 

Tyre Pressure

Ensure you use the correct tyre pressure, which allows your electric scooter to ride perfectly. Under-inflated tyres increase the surface area touching the ground, which results in more friction. This added amount of friction creates less energy efficiency, therefore decreasing the potential range of your scooter. Another issue to mention with underinflated tyres is that your scooter will handle and brake inefficiently. Naturally, none of this applies to solid tyres.

Remember to check your scooters recommended tyre pressure and carefully inflate them to match this. 

How You Ride

The range of your electric scooter will be drastically affected by how you choose to ride it. Not adjusting bad habits will shorten your scooter’s range. 

Questions to ask yourself, are you combining quick acceleration with harsh braking? If the answer is yes, then you are using up invaluable battery power. 

Incorporating gentle acceleration and paying attention to poor braking habits, will help increase your range. Make sure you are aware of your surroundings and adapt your speed to accordingly, this in turn should provide you with extra distance / space to slow down.  

Maintenance and Cleaning

It is important to establish a regular maintenance and cleaning routine for your electric scooter, particularly as the wheels can be sensitive to the debris found outside.

Recently we released a blog and Youtube video detailing how you can effectively and safely clean your electric scooter, which can be found below.

How to Clean your Electric Scooter Blog


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