Turn Your Commute into an Adventure with the EGRET-TEN V3X!

Electric TravelsJul 9, '21

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If you are looking for the most powerful electric scooter you can get, then look no further. The EGRET-TEN V3X combines first-class workmanship with the greatest attention to detail, to provide a speedy scooter that has a compact weight of only 17kg! Egret have also taken into account that no individual is the same, so have included adjustable handlebars to accommodate different heights and have also decided to provide users with the option to customise the colour of their deck; allowing customers to personalise their electric scooter.


Interested with what you've read so far and want to find out more about this beast of a scooter? Then continue reading and allow us to break down the essential information for you. 

Key features 



Tyres impact your electric scooter’s comfort and ease of maintenance, which was discussed in last weeks blog: Solid vs Pneumatic Tyres.

The EGRET-TEN VX3’s pneumatic tyres require more maintenance than airless tyres, but offer a comfier ride and have better traction in wet conditions.


What distance will you need to cover between charges? The EGRET-TEN VX3 has a maximum range of 42km / 26m. To be safe, it’s best to divide this by two.


If you’re a commuter and need to carry your scooter easily, then make sure it’s an appropriate weight!

At only 17kg (lighter than most suitcases that you would take on holiday), the EGRET-TEN VX3 can easily be carried on public transport and lugged up a flight of stairs making your travels as smooth as this ride. 

Top speed

 A standout pick for speed-freaks, the EGRET-TEN VX3 can reach an impressive 30km / 18mph.

Motor power

Power determines how quickly you accelerate, but the most critical thing to consider here is terrain: the steeper the road, the more power you need. The EGRET-TEN VX3’s engine puts out 500w– suitable for conquering moderate hills.


    If you’re going to ride your electric scooter after dark, it needs to have proper lighting. The EGRET-TEN VX3 comes with front lighting so the road ahead is properly lit and rear lights so you are visible to other road users. 


    Don’t forget stopping power! The EGRET-TEN VX3 is equipped with two disc brakes - in the front and rear - which offers superior brake power, with a good modulation.


    Given the EGRET-TEN VX3’s elite and personal features, its £979.99 price tag is more than worth it.

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